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The real estate market has undergone significant rebound recently, and we occasionally hear of a shortage of homes for sale. However, when selling a home, you will face stiff competition from potentially hundreds of home sellers, both in your immediate area, and areas close by.  

Therefore, you should make your home look it’s best to distinguish it from the others.  This is where staging can be very useful. By staging your home, you will make it look appealing and attractive to buyers.

Why Stage A Home You Are Selling

Staging a home for sale is not a new concept, but it is a practice that has gained much wider acceptance with our more challenging market.  A home is typically the largest investment most people make in their lifetime.  

When it comes time to sell, property staging provides a powerful marketing tool enabling property owners to successfully position their property in the market. This will secure a competitive advantage and increase their property’s overall market performance.
Over the years that you have happily lived in your home, you have personalized it to a great extent.  Between your choice of paint color, style of furnishings and the family photographs and artwork hanging on your walls, your home is yours.  Your home represents who you are; it is a life-sized memory book of your travels, it trumpets your likes, your dislikes and your beliefs.

Your home showcases your things -- all that stuff you have accumulated over time that speaks to you.  For you, that is wonderful and more than appropriate.  However, prospective buyers have a hard time visualizing your home with all of the imprints and quirks that make it uniquely yours.

Home buyers want to see a space that they can easily visualize as their own, so the less of your personality bursting from the walls, ceilings and anywhere else, the better.  It is often challenging for property owners selling a beloved home to grasp this idea and often they need some help from a third-party, such as their real estate professional and/or a professional property stager.

Home staging is actually a fairly complex and multi faceted aspect for the sale of your home, but it is also critical, so you want to make sure you do it effectively.  While you might think of staging your home as simply putting away personal photographs, wiping crumbs from the kitchen counter, vacuuming the floor, fluffing the pillows and other simple tasks that make it “presentable.”, those staging elements are more appropriate for house guests than prospective home buyers and are only the beginning of your work when it comes to effective home presentation.

What Home Staging Entails

Following are some basic thoughts we keep in mind for effective house staging:

  • Simple Repairs: Simple repairs can include multiple projects.  Everything from dripping faucets to stuck doors need to at least stay on our radar while preparing your home for tours and open house sessions.  As a seasoned listing agent and realtor, I have a select team of local contractors I work with.  Further, as an experienced premier listing agent I know which repairs have the most impact.

  • Great Online Presence: We need to captivate prospective buyers online first. With over 90% of buyers using the internet to search for real estate, home staging is that extra push that gives your property a better online presence.  Presenting our hard work in home staging begins with the photographs and virtual tours we place on our website, social media, and additional independent home search websites popular with buyers.

The primary goal of staging is to work with what you have, rearranging and re-allocating all of your belongings, in order to present the property in its best light. Sometimes this means relocating some of those belongings to the garage.  

Staging is not a do-it-yourself sport, and only a third party specialist can bring the neutrality and objectivity needed to accomplish the goal.  If done properly, it can spell the difference between your home sitting or selling.

Some of the things we may do during staging your property:

  • Decluttering - this makes your rooms appear light, airy, and spacious. This includes kitchen counters.
  • Being sure all closets are neat - storage space is always a plus and buyers will peek in closets
  • Rearrange the furniture to open up a room and make it appear larger.
  • Add lighting. The brighter the home, the more welcoming it appears. You will notice when we show your home we alway put lights on, even in broad daylight.
  • Paint one or more rooms a fresh neutral color, which helps prospective buyers visualize their own furnishings in your home.
  • Change accessories - add pillows, add wall hangings, or remove some.
  • Add fresh flowers.
  • Accessorize your bathrooms. This can make buyers feel like they're in a spa.

Give me a call today at 951-333-8065 to discuss staging and preparing your property for sale and any other questions you might have on selling your home, home staging, etc.  

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