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Interested in making an investment in commercial real estate in Winchester? Are you scouting for a Winchester office or building lease? Or are you selling your commercial property in the area? Let me help. I am Karen Summers and I am the best Winchester commercial realtor.

Winchester was founded in 1886 and was named after Amy Winchester, one of the early landowners who bought land in Pleasant Valley, the area where Winchester now stands. It has been largely rural for most of its history and was home to agricultural businesses. It experienced rapid growth during the construction boom in the early to mid 2000’s.  

Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate

When buying or selling commercial real estate, the adage “Location, location, location” likewise applies.  However, aside from this important considerations, there are other factors that need to be considered when engaging in commercial real estate.  Let us take a look at the most crucial ones.

Buying Commercial Property

Location:  Location is still the No. 1 issue when choosing the right property for your business. You want to be close to your customers, your workers, and your vendors or suppliers. And, depending upon business type, access to rail and highway and shipping lanes may be important too when choosing a location.  

As an experienced Winchester commercial realtor, I keep a keen eye on the market. Because I have good knowledge of the area, I would be able to suggest the best locations for your business. And with my well established network, I am able to tap into my resources to find properties that may not be listed or marketed.

Access and Parking: Adequacy of parking is extremely important, particularly if you have clients coming to your location. You need to ensure that your customers can visit your are and not be deterred by lack of parking. Just as important is to have access that is compliant with laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Zoning: It is also important to be sure the zoning for the potential property/building allows you to do what you need to do on the property. If your business is an accounting firm, law firm, etc., you need commercial office space. If you are a manufacturer, you need an industrial space.

As a top Winchester commercial real estate agent, I ensure that I am well versed in regulations and laws governing the market. I attend city council meetings so I am updated on any amendments to local laws.  Armed with knowledge of federal, local and county regulations, I can present to you potential properties that are zoned for your particular use and are compliant with laws.

Selling Commercial Property

In selling a commercial property, numbers dictate the sale. Buyers of any commercial property look at it  in terms of the potential income it can generate. If the numbers make sense, then selling is an easier process. However, if the numbers dictate otherwise, the sale can be tough. A professional marketing package including all of the relevant numbers, is crucial to present your property in the best light.
Having said this, below are the 3 additional considerations when selling a property. These are in addition to the 3 already mentioned above.
Appraisal. As mentioned above, potential income that a commercial property can generate is important. This makes a huge difference in appraisal evaluation. This burden of providing this documentation of this income falls on the commercial property seller.   As an experienced Winchester commercial realtor, I know what to ask for and also what to information to provide the appraiser.
Curb Appeal. This is just as important when selling a commercial property. I give my input in terms of cleaning up and minor repairs so as to make a good first impression and to establish that the your property is in top buyable market condition.l

Marketing. Because buyers of commercial properties have a different mindset than residential buyers, marketing is key when selling. I ensure that I know the what is going on in the market - being knowledgeable about city and county plans, zoning and anticipated zoning changes and other relevant information. This gives me the proper tools to market your property and to present it in the best light for the future.

Advantages Of Working With Karen Summers As Your Winchester Commercial Realtor

I have been a commercial realtor since 1998. As a top producer in real estate, I am well versed in the intricacies of commercial real estate and am able to guarantee results whether you are buying, selling or investing in property.
I am an award winner in customer service for over 20 years. What does this mean for you as my client?
I listen to you, and I communicate with you frequently so you always know where things are
I am aggressive in negotiations
I am creative with financing and underwriting
I know the local market and am well-connected with city and planning officials

Most importantly, I have integrity. My business is built upon lifelong relationships and referrals. This means that you can trust me to always prioritize what is best for you at all times.

Let’s Talk

I can guarantee results, whether it is for a Winchester office lease or a building lease, or whether you are buying or selling a commercial property. I am Karen Summers, top Winchester commercial real estate agent.

Call me at 951-333-8065 or visit http://www.summerscre.com/contact to set up an appointment.

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