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When thinking of buying or selling real estate property, it is important to have someone with the experience and knowledge of the area to guarantee the results you need.  As the best Wildomar real estate agent, I can help you find, buy or sell the property you have or want.

Wildomar -- Where Old Meets New

Wildomar is a community that beautifully blends the old and the new.  Comfortably nestled in a valley between a mountain range in the west and rolling hills in the east, it is one of California’s newest cities, having just been incorporated in 2008.
For those looking for a city that still exudes rural charm while offering urban type growth, Wildomar  is “where natural beauty and a feisty spirit give rise every day to the optimism leading it to a future unlimited.”

Why Work With Karen Summers?

Sometimes, because of all the information already available online, people looking to buy or sell real estate question the wisdom of hiring a professional real estate agent.  Why indeed? When it is possible to do everything through the internet or through regular marketing or advertising channels without representation?

Some may do okay, but most will not be successful.  Here are reasons why choosing to work with the best Wildomar real estate agent is the first and best  decision you need to make when buying or selling real estate property:

Experience. I have been working as a real estate agent since 1998 and has been serving buyers, sellers and investors in Wildomar and other areas in the Inland Empire with award-winning customer service.  

Engaging in real estate, whether residential or commercial, is a complex process with transactions governed by many federal, local and county laws.  Missteps can mean costly mistakes.  As an experienced Wildomar real estate agent, I have the knowledge and experience to get you the results you want.

I am your buffer.  As your Wildomar realtor, I take the guesswork out of property showings or visits.  With your needs and requirements in mind, I filter all offers and target exactly what you are looking for.

I have knowledge of the local market.  As an experienced Wildomar real estate agent, I have knowledge about the different areas and neighborhoods in the city.  I have information on comparables, as well as data such as schools in the area, crime rate and demographics.

I have an established professional network.  In my long years in the industry, I have established working relationships with other professionals who provide services that you may during the process.

I have exceptional negotiation skills.  As a professional, I can distance myself from the emotional aspects of the transaction and am able to formulate a negotiation strategy that gets you the results you need.   This includes the ability to think out of the box, if necessary, to get you the best deal possible.

I pay attention to details.
 What is important to you is important to me, down to the very last small item.  And when it comes to paperwork, this same attention to details is crucial to avoid any costly mistakes.

Call Me to Get Started

If you are in the market for the perfect Wildomar real estate property or are planning to sell one, let me help.  As the best Wildomar real estate agent, I deliver the results that you need.

I handle residential, commercial , and land and work with buyers, sellers, and investors.

Call me at 951-333-8065 or click here to set up an appointment.

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