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Best Residential Realtor In The Colony

As the best residential realtor in The Colony, I can make things a lot easier for you.  I am Karen Summers and I specialize in residential real estate in The Colony.  Are you considering buying a home in The Colony? Or perhaps you’re planning to sell your residential property but do not know where to start?

About The Colony

The Colony is a 1,500-home active adult golf course community in Murrieta, CA.  It is revered for its prime location in the heart of Southern California, set within an hour from the ocean, towering mountains, scenic lakes and the desert.  

This well-established community is surrounded by great shopping, dining and entertainment attractions. The Colony has so much to offer, including a delightful mix of housing options, world-class amenities and an active social calendar.

Advantages Of Working With Karen Summers As The Best Residential Realtor In The Colony

The involved and sometimes difficult process of buying a home or selling one can be complicated and stressful.  To ensure successful outcomes, you need someone who knows the market well. As an experienced realtor specializing in The Colony, I will help you every step of the way, and get the results you desire.

I have been serving buyers and sellers throughout Southern California since 1998.  When you choose me, you’ll be getting a partner who will passionately work for you so that your needs and requirements are met.  Here’s what you can expect from me.

As a Seller:
With my extensive knowledge of the real estate market in The Colony, I will give you advice on strategies that will result in a successful and timely sale.
  • I give advice on effective marketing strategies.
  • I know how to attract buyers to your property and make it convenient for them to see your property and appreciate it’s advantages.
  • I offer helpful tips on how to stage not only the interior but also the exterior of your home.
  • I give assistance in determining the best value for your residential property by providing a comparable market analysis.

But we won’t be stopping here. The typical home sale today involves many steps after the initial contract is accepted to complete the transaction.  It’s a crucial stage, and you’ll be needing my expertise and attention to detail on this one.

As the best residential Realtor in The Colony, your interests are my top priority.  I’ll be working with you every step of the way and guide you to successful results.
As a Buyer:
When buying a home, you’ll be best served by using an experienced buyer’s agent, familiar with The Colony, who will ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed.

As your agent, here’s my guarantee to you:
  • I will help find property that best meets your requirements and fits your budget.
  • Once you have narrowed down your choice, I will negotiate the offer.  With my expertise, I am able to negotiate deals that can save you money while helping you avoid expensive pitfalls and problems.  I know how to think out of the box to get you a deal you are hay with.
  • I will help speed up the process for a successful sale by connecting you with industry professionals such as contractors, home inspectors, movers, mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, and more.
  • If we come across roadblocks, I will find solutions. And when negotiations with the seller becomes complicated, I will act as your buffer and make the process as stress free as possible.

Call Me to Get Started;  The Best Residential Realtor In The Colony

As the best residential real estate agent in The Colony, you can expect excellent results.  Karen Summers will get the job done!

Call me at 951-333-8065 or click here to set up an appointment.

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