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Best Murrieta Realtor For Buying and Selling Land

The Best Murrieta Realtor for Buying and Selling Land

Buying or selling land? Karen Summers is the best Murrieta realtor for buying and selling land.

When talking about real estate investments, people often overlook the potential of undeveloped land.  Residential or commercial property are thought of as more “productive” investments as they already have buildings on them.  However, undeveloped land, when conditions are just right, brings major return on investment.

Whether residential, commercial or raw land, Murrieta provides great opportunity.  It is a young, affluent community and has consistently ranked in the Top 5 in terms of safety.  It has an exceptional school system, and excellent healthcare facilities with two full-service hospitals and numerous local healthcare providers.

If you are contemplating on investing in undeveloped land in Murrieta, or if you own land that you want to sell, Karen Summers is the best Murrieta realtor for buying and selling land.  My experience and knowledge in land investment can spell the difference between success and failure.

Is Raw Land a Good Investment?

Investors looking into the potential of raw land often ask?  How can it be viable when it has nothing and “just sits there”.  However, this is precisely why it is a good investment.

Unlike commercial or residential real estate, raw land does not need direct involvement from you, as the investor - no need for maintenance or renovation.  It is a tangible asset that does not depreciate, wear out or break down.  Other advantages?  Mortgage payments, property insurance and taxes are relatively low when considered as a long term investment.

It is important, however, to make a wise decision when investing in raw undeveloped land.  It should be suitable for future development and building.  As the best Murrieta realtor for buying and selling land, Karen Summers has the experience and local knowledge to offer you the best options.

Important Things to Consider

What factors affect the viability of raw land as an investment property?  The following factors affect the value of the land:

Topography. The physical characteristic of the land will determine the kind of infrastructure it can support.  It is also important to consider the soil type and grade and if the property floods when it rains.  These make a difference on how the property may be marketed come time to sell.

Zoning and Usage Restrictions of the Property. These factors determine what the property may be best used for.  This information can help you decide if the property will serve your needs or would otherwise address the requirements of the market you are targeting.

Utilities Available. These days, it is important to be hooked to the basic utilities such as electricity, water, gas and the sewer system.  You must also consider if the location can easily be hooked up to cable, phone and internet.   

Absence of Junk or Contaminants.  A property that has been used as a dumping ground for garbage or junk is potentially problematic.  The expense to clear it out can be substantial and may far outweigh the earning potential of the property.  As the best Murrieta realtor for buying and selling land, I ensure that I do a thorough review of potential properties so I am able to present the best locations to my clients.

Setbacks, Easements and Access.  When considering land, it is important to see if the setback regulations leave you enough land to build on.  In addition, easements should allow you the right to access your land with little or no impediment.

Annual Tax Obligation.  A good rule of thumb to guide you when deciding on the viability of a property as an investment - taxes should be between 1% and 4% of the property’s full market value.

Advantage of Hiring Karen Summers as Your Murrieta Realtor

When considering an investment property, you need someone who can give you the best advice. As an experienced Murrieta land realtor, I have been in the industry since 1998.  I have the experience and knowledge to guarantee the results that you need.

Whether buying or selling land, I am knowledgeable in what it takes to maximize return on your investment.  And connected to city planners to understand the impact of future city direction on your investment.

Call me at 951-333-8065 or click here to set up an appointment.

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