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Karen Summers is the best Menifee real estate agent.  In your quest for an ideal location in Menifee or if you are selling real estate property in the area, Karen Summers is the best to provide expert help when results matter.

Menifee Offers Choices

Menifee is considered to be one of the fastest growing communities in California. Composed of Sun City, Quail Valley and portions of Romoland, it was incorporated just a few years ago, in October 2008.

The first housing development in the city was a retirement community established in Sun City in the 1960.  In 1989, the master planned community of Menifee Lakes contributed to more growth.  Today, the city offers a wide variety of real estate property ranging from the semi-rural in Quail Valley to the mix of residential and commercial properties in Romoland.

Whether you are looking for a home, selling your property or investing in a Menifee real estate property,  I can help you make the process easier.

Why Work With Karen Summers As Your Menifee Real Estate Agent?

Buying or selling real estate is a major undertaking.  While there is plenty of information on the web that can help you do it on your own, it is still best to leave it to the professionals.  As the best Menifee real estate agent, I bring to the table experience and knowledge that can only come from years of being in the industry.

I have been working as a real estate professional since 1998 serving buyers, sellers and investors throughout the Inland Empire area. Here is my guarantee when you choose to work with me:

  • Integrity.  It is important that you are able to trust your real estate agent at all times. In all my transactions, you can be sure that I have your best interests in mind at all times.
  • Attention to Detail.  I am detail oriented.  I make sure that I know what is important to you so I am able to give you the results you want.  Attention to detail is important for all the paperwork that needs to be completed as part of the real estate buying or selling process.  Any details overlooked may result in costly mistakes.
  • Outstanding Customer Service.  I am client motivated. I ensure that you get the best deal whether buying or selling.  And because satisfied customers make the best referrals, you can be sure that I give you the best service each and every time.
  • Tenacity.  In all my transactions, I ensure that my client’s needs are top priority. I go above and beyond to get your deal done the way you want it done.

And as an experienced Menifee realtor, you can be sure that I have local market knowledge.  For a seller this is important because I am able to give you advice on how to price your property and present it so it appeals to a bigger number of qualified buyers.

For a buyer, this is advantageous as I am able to present multiple options, as well as the pros and cons of these options.

As a top Menifee real estate agent, I make sure I have established local connections so transactions are efficiently accomplished.  I have contacts with appraisers, loan processors, ,  mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors and other professionals so each step of the process is expedited.

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As the best Menifee real estate agent, I offer you the expertise and knowledge that only an experienced realtor can.  Call now to experience the difference.  

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