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The city of Lake Elsinore was  73rd city to be incorporated in California, just 38 years after it became a state.  Prior to this, the area on which the city stands was known by many names - early inhabitants, the Luiseño Indians called the lake Entengvo Wumoma, which freely translates into Hot Springs by the Little Sea.  
The recognized city founders Franklin Herald, Donald Graham, William Collier, and Margaret Collier Graham has named this city Elsinore. The name Elsinore is the location of the castle from the most quoted Shakespearian play: Hamlet. Today,  the Danish city of Helsingør is in fact it’s sister city. In 1972, the city officially became Lake Elsinore to promote the city as a lake oriented destination area.
Lake Elsinore was known as a resort town back in the late 19th century. And from that beginning, it has grown tremendously. In May 2016, it was ranked as the 5th fastest growing city in the state and the 3rd fastest in Riverside County.  In spite of this, the city has preserved its small town appeal. Plus, the lakeside living  is what attracts people to settle in the area.
Lake Elsinore has an active real estate market and with the city’s move to update the East Lake Specific Plan. This plan will lean toward zoning the remaining undeveloped land primarily for commercial and recreational enterprises. Now is a good time to think about investing.  
I am Karen Summers and I specialize in Lake Elsinore commercial real estate.  Whether buying or selling commercial property or looking to lease an office space or a building, I can help.  With my long years in the business, you can be sure that you are working with the best Lake Elsinore commercial realtor.

Advantages Of Working With Karen Summers As Your Lake Elsinore Commercial Realtor®

Finding an expert in the commercial real estate market you are eyeing can be difficult. You need someone who will set aside time to work with you to guarantee results, you also need an agent who knows the Lake Elsinore real estate market well. Because your relationship with your broker should not just be transaction oriented, you need a trusted advisor who would have your best interest in mind.  

When you hire me to represent you, whether you are a buyer, seller, or investor you  can be sure that I will be your partner  who will guarantee that your needs and requirements are met. I have been doing this for over 20 years and have been recognized with awards in customer service satisfaction. I go above and beyond to get your deal done the way you want it done. This means that:

I do my homework and have extensive knowledge of various federal, local and county laws and regulations regarding Lake Elsinore commercial real estate. This way, we avoid costly mistakes as we embark on the process of buying or selling commercial real property.

I listen to you, and I communicate with you frequently so you always know where things are and I put your goals first.

I am aggressive in negotiations. I will fight for you and with you.

I am creative with financing and underwriting

I know the local market and am well-connected with city and planning officials

I have high standards of integrity. You should be able to trust that your realtor has your best interest in mind.

When Results Matter …. Call Me

If you are looking for an experienced Lake Elsinore realtor, call me today. I can help you find, buy, or sell commercial real estate and guarantee the best results.

My name is Karen Summers and you can contact me at 951-333-8065 or visit http://www.summerscre.com/contact to set up an appointment.

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