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Best Commercial Realtor

Best Commercial Realtor

Karen Summers is the best commercial realtor in Southern California, and her track record and credentials can prove it.  She has been serving buyers and sellers throughout the southern part of the state for over 2 decades and it’s seemingly impossible to find a better and more experienced realtor.

Equipped with a hard-to-match work ethic and dedication, her consistency and aptness for delivering results has earned her numerous awards for customer service.
Why Karen Summers  As Your Commercial Real Estate Broker?

I listen to your needs and requirements:
If my goal is to provide you the best services I can give, it’s essential for me to better understand your needs and wants.  We will discuss your current requirements, and we’ll also be looking into the future to analyze your future needs.

With that in mind, I am able to help secure the best property for you or find the most qualified prospects for buying your commercial property.

I have a cultivated network of connections.  
As an experienced commercial agent, I have built countless connections in the area. Having an established network and a host of local connections, I am often able to tap into resources and have immediate access to up-to-date listings of the best commercial properties, even those not yet officially on the market.

My great relationship with experienced and reliable professionals from different industries further allows me to provide the best opportunities for you.

I know the market.
The greatest perk of using my services is my precise understanding of the market. I have  the knowledge to provide a good overview of the entire market and suggest prime locations for your business.  

I am an exceptional negotiator.  
Negotiation skills are every broker’s bread and butter. A seasoned broker should be able to apply effective strategies to sway the other party to offer the best possible price for a property.  

Having been in the real estate industry since 1998, I can confidently say that I have refined negotiation skills. Further, I have also developed the ability to be tap into my creativity, think outside the box, and constantly creating winning situations.

I have integrity.
Lifelong relationships and referrals are the foundations of my business. Over the years, I have earned the trust of clients and I’ve always made an effort to keep it that way.  Despite my success, I have never disclosed any information regarding my clients, and this includes not having the details of their deals revealed to others

Buying Commercial Real Estate Using The Best Commercial Realtor

Buying commercial real estate is a complex process and it involves numerous transactions governed by many federal, local and county restrictions and procedures. If you would compare this to other types of real estate, commercial real estate demands much more specialized knowledge.

The CRE (Commercial Real Estate) process is very intricate, and if you’re not familiar with it, costly mistakes are more likely to happen.  So, if you’re going to purchase or invest in commercial real estate, it’s in your best interests to work with an experienced commercial real estate broker.

But before you finally purchase commercial property, you should carefully consider your choices first.  Here are 3 of the most important aspects you should look into:

Your commercial property’s location will hold a significant influence on your business. The site of your business can make or break it, so you’d want to choose a convenient place where you’ll be close your customers, your workers, and your vendors or suppliers.

Depending on the nature of your business, logistics might also play a big role, so access to rail and highway and shipping lanes will also be important when choosing a location.  

Access and Parking:
If you have customers or clients coming to you location, convenient access and ample parking are highly important. You need to make sure your customers can park easily without all the trouble, even during peak hours.

You also need to take into consideration whether access is compliant with laws including the Americans With Disabilities Act.  

It is also important to ensure property and business is compliant with the zoning laws.  If your business provides professional services such as law, accounting, and the like, you’ll be needing a commercial office space. If you are running a manufacturing business, an industrial space is deemed appropriate.  Whether due to zoning laws or building codes or covenants, there may be limits to changes or alterations you can make to the property.

Selling Commercial Real Estate Using The Best Commercial Realtor

Selling commercial property, compared to selling residential property, is an entirely different ball game.  It’s more comprehensive, and it demands a different set of skills than selling residential property. In addition, compared to buyers of residential homes, the buyers of commercial properties have a much more complex set of needs they have to address,

Buyers of commercial property are far less emotional in the decision process.  Everything will center on the potential income of the prospective property. If the price is right, expect bidding wars. If the numbers don’t make sense, the sale could be hard to pull off.   

Marketing skills play an influential role in selling a commercial property.  In general, the sales process for commercial real estate focuses on numbers, or the potential income and viability of the property.  With that said, a professional marketing package is needed if you intend to present your property in the best light.

If you’ve finally decided that you’ll be selling your property, here are 3 key considerations you should look into:

A good commercial real estate agent should always know what to ask for and also what to provide the appraiser.  With commercial real estate, the potential income of the property is always the top priority for buyers. Therefore, sellers should always be able to provide documentation of this income. These papers can significantly impact the appraisal valuation.

With that said, if you want to sell your property at the best possible value,  it’s highly encouraged that you work with an experienced commercial agent who fully understands selling commercial property.

"Curb Appeal"
It’s always good to make an impactful first impression, regardless of the situation, and that includes selling your property. Besides potential income and accessibility, aesthetic factors also play an important role when making a first impression and establishing that your property is in top selling condition.  

An experienced commercial realtor should fully know and understand the seller’s property from top to bottom, as well as its location and market.  As your realtor, I can use my planning knowledge and relationships to provide an inside edge when marketing your commercial property, presenting it in the best light for the future.  In a competitive market, this is key.

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