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Advantages of Curb Appeal
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There are many advantages of curb appeal. If you’re looking to sell your house, a few quick, inexpensive changes to your home’s exterior could help make the process easier for you, including potentially being able to sell faster and adding more value to the asking price.  

First impressions do matter, especially in real estate. Buyers might be less likely to check out the rest of a house if the outside is rundown or unattractive—even if the interiors are stunning.

Curb appeal is the all-important practice of improving how your home looks to buyers, right as they pull up and park—or even as they drive by. That includes your front yard, driveway, and your home's exterior, from its paint job to the potted plants on your porch and even to the welcome mat that greets people as they pass through your front door.

Curb appeal is both an art and a science.  And since it's a buyer's first impression of your home, it can be absolutely essential in selling your home.  It also helps determine value and makes a house feel like home.

In short, curb appeal is one area where every bit of work you do can pay off.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Paint your front door.  First on your to-do list should be the front door—use it to greet any potential buyers.

  • Strategic landscaping: One of the most important aspects of curb appeal is getting the grounds to look as good as they possibly can.  Plants can breathe some life into a space and make it seem lived-in and well cared for.

  • Clean everything: Give your house a good power wash to remove the dirt, grime, and moss that may have accumulated over the years. This could save you the expense of repainting your entire home.

  • Go for the touch-ups: Consider brightening the facade with a touch of contrasting color.

  • Consider the mailbox: Paint it, polish it, or replace it.  You'll be glad you did.  It’s all about the details, so if your mailbox looks like it’s going to topple over or is rusty, it might be time to bring a new one in.

  • Repair and/or clean off the roof: Redesigning the profile and pitch of the roof is a dramatic but expensive strategy. You can make less extensive alterations that will still make a real difference in the appearance of your home. Properly scaled and styled, dormer additions are a major but manageable cosmetic improvement. They not only change the look of the roofline, but they also provide better lighting and increased floor area inside.

  • Tame the foliage: This involves not only cutting the grass, but also clearing out any dead limbs, plants, and other unwanted foliage that might be hanging around.  Best to do it a couple of weeks before the house goes on the market, so the plants have had the chance to grow in a bit and don’t look too contrived.  

  • Refresh your outdoor furniture.  Any outdoor furniture that’s old and in need of repair should be tossed out or updated.

  • Check the light fixtures: Attractive light fixtures can really add to the appeal of a home even if the lights aren't on.

  • Don't forget the rear view.  Buyers doing a drive-by will try to see your backyard.  If this area is visible from another street or from someone's driveway, include it in your curb appeal efforts.

  • Finally, remember the garage. Particularly if it's detached, it should receive a similar treatment as the main house.  For a coordinated look, investigate the options for garage door and window designs before you sign off on a scheme for the whole house.  Inspired by these ideas and examples, you can make your home a real head-turner with a face-lift.

A large percentage of home buyers decide whether to look inside a house or pass on it based on curb appeal.

Enlist the help of your realtor.  Realtors usually have a network of handymen, gardeners, cleaning crews, etc who they know are reliable and offer fair pricing.  A good experienced realtor can also give you great advice on what should be done to maximize value.

Curb appeal makes a difference.  Don’t ignore it.

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